Courage My Love – Slow Motion (Review)

Canadian alternative-pop rockers Courage My Love return with their new single ‘Slow Motion’. Consisting of twins Mercedes Arn Horn and Phoenix Arn Horn, the sisters are joined by Brandon Lockwood to make the exceptional trio. ‘Slow Motion’ is the third in a string of self-produced songs and videos that will make an EP to be released in early 2020. At first sight, the lyrics are about noticing someone from across the room and being caught in a web of lust. Exploring that the track is a whole lot more than just the first glance, the deeper theme is a whole lot more darker than you think. 

Mercedes stated: I was inspired by a term used in addiction circles called “the pink cloud”, which refers to a phenomenon in one’s recovery process after a recovering addict detoxes for the first time and experiences this surreal, short-lived form of happiness. Addiction is a heavy theme in SLOW MOTION’s video. SLOW MOTION is meant to be a Courage My Love social commentary that reveals the true nature of how it feels to be alive in 2019, under the boot of major corporations, targeted ads, and algorithms.”

Glowing in it’s own alternative pop arrangement, the hook line is infectious and will bury itself in your memories for a while. As the first track that I’ve heard from Courage My love, it certainly won’t be the last. An expectational new single that fuses memorable lyrics with glistening instrumentation.

Score: 4/5


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