Gothic Tropic – Drunk on a Rhythm (Review)

Indie pop artist Cecilia Della Peruti is based in LA. Going under the stage name Gothic Tropic, she’s recently released her latest single “Drunk on a Rhythm”. Being her first released since her 2017 album Fast or Feast, the new single is from her upcoming album. All steam ahead for Cecilia as she’s hard at work with other artists and producers for many projects. Encouraging female empowerment, this songwriter is soon to have her name in lights.

As for the track’s theme, it’s about a breakup. In a sense, this song is part of the healing process that the artist needed to accept and move on from. Nurturing the independence that one can find, it also features meeting someone new and how everything can be rose tinted. Recorded with upcoming artist Jon Joseph, the production fits perfectly within in mainstream music. There’s an alternative twist in the pop number that cements it into the indie category. Featuring a wondrous melody and a glistening pop arrangement, this is going straight on my playlist!

Score: 3.5/5


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