Well, hello! I’m Chloe and I’m a musician/reviewer (now.) So, I decided to start doing a review blog of new and old music, films, TV shows, concerts, politics.. pretty much anything that has an effect on me, whether that’s good or bad.
From high school, I have always loved journalism, writing down my opinion on things always seems to help me see things clearer. I became a musician not long after I started writing little “thoughts” down which I then turned into my own songs later on. Songwriting is something that is held very close to my heart as well as the instrumentation of songs, but I really think that being able to write… makes things easier whether that’s a song or just a little blog post… like this!

I play bass, acoustic & electric guitar and I sing. Music has always been my first love for as long as I could remember to be honest and I know it’s the only thing I have that will always be there. Don’t worry.. you’ll get used to my cheesiness eventually. Currently studying towards getting my HND in Music Performance at Kidderminster College. Having amazing lecturers really brings me closer to the industry as they’re in it themselves and making a living from music. Steve Lawson, Phi Yaan Zek & Andy Edwards are literally the three musketeers of Kidderminster College.
My influences consist of Jeff Buckley (RIP) Nick Harper, Jon Gomm, Esperanza Spalding, Tal Wilkenfeld, BjΓΆrk, Led Zeppelin & Radiohead… I could ramble on for a while (that is definitely a Led Zep pun.)

You’re probably thinking… “What’s with the Parrot thing?” or.. “Why is your hair multi coloured, Chloe?”… Good question. Well, like I said, I’m a musician, but I haven’t said…. I’m kind of an huge lover of colours. I guess, I’m a bit of a hippie. Anything vibrant catches my eyes… seriously, my bedroom is like a rainbow. Don’t get me wrong, I love neutral & colours too, it’s just that more vibrant colours stand out to me. Don’t worry… I am getting to the parrot thing….

I call myself a “parrot” purely because I’m loud and talk a load of crap… like parrots! I guess I wanted an image for my music and it was the best thing to do, because it surely stands out.

Here’s the bio I use for my music to get you more familiar with that side of me.
“Delivering a mixture of musical influences, Chloe Mogg creates a musical journey with her songs and own arrangements of covers. As a young singer-songwriter with β€œparrot” hair, she brings life and colour to her performances. Known for her quirkiness and smile, she haunts the audience with her ability to tell a story with only her voice, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and β€˜strange’ effects.”

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