2020 Singles

Dalmas – Draw The Line (Review)

Manchester based stadium rock trio Dalmas return with their latest single “Draw The Line”. The track is the first song from a 5 track EP the band set to release later this year. Creating a bigger sound for their distinctive music, the band continue to work with producer Dan Mizen. Previous MoggBlog contenders, Dalmas set… Continue reading Dalmas – Draw The Line (Review)

2019 Singles

Dalmas – Set Me Free (Review)

Dalmas return with their newest single ‘Set Me Free’. After the success of their previous number ‘In Too Deep’, the band set the bar high for expectations and have succeeded in breaking the limit with the new track. Fitting in with a more experimental vibe, the unexpected twists throughout takes Dalmas sound in a different… Continue reading Dalmas – Set Me Free (Review)

2019 Singles

Dalmas – In Too Deep (Review)

Manchester based rock collective Dalmas are back with their latest single “In Too Deep”. It dropped on the 14th of June and has already received major praise from big names in the music industry. Collecting their stadium rock sound over time, the 90’s fused track compliments the band in a new light. With a wide… Continue reading Dalmas – In Too Deep (Review)