Paul Tully – Anxiety

Singer-songwriter Paul Tully releases his ode to anxiety. In a time where the world is going through the dreaded pandemic, anxiety levels are at the highest they’ve been in years. Titled ‘Anxiety‘, the Americana infused single touches upon something that has affected Paul personally.

On his heartfelt release, Paul stated, “I’m hoping the song could bring a sense of comfort to those suffering from anxiety and let them know they aren’t alone. When I wrote the song in June of this year, we were in the middle of lockdown and there was a real uncertainty regarding our health and well-being of not only ourselves but those closest to us. On top of that we have ever-increasing living costs, the never-ending Brexit and a complete lack of job security – people really are at their wits end. The song basically describes my experience with anxiety and I hope it can help anyone listening and know that they aren’t alone”.

“Anxiety” is prominently guitar based and reminisces classic songwriters. Driven by ear-worm lyrics, this personal release touches upon topics that need to be shouted from the rooftops.


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