Ashton Orion – Uneasy

Pop songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ashton Orion resides in Western Australia. Taking to the music industry with her debut single β€˜Uneasy’, the track is based within a synth-pop arrangement while holding onto an alternative angle. Fond of crafted lyrics and unforgettable melodies, Ashton writes music that’s fictional and factual.Β 

Ashton says, β€œUneasy raises the notion that either natural self-assurance, or natural self-doubt, can be seemingly sewn into an individual. I wanted to put a soundtrack to that feeling of comparison. I can be very aware of my own anxious tendencies, but I didn’t want to complain about them, only acknowledge them. Thus, Uneasy was born not out of self-loathing, but self-reflection. I got in touch with Sydney producer Jordan Leonard (one half of Boulevarde), and Uneasy was his pick from my handful of home-recorded demos. Vocals were recorded in my home studio, and Jordan and I worked together remotely to breathe life into the track”.

With a subtle nudge to country within Ashton’s soothing vocals, the synth based structure is heavenly and an elegant look into the future of Ashton’s career.Β 

Score: 4/5


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