Dance Yourself Clean – Waste My Time (Review)

Indie pop dance outfit Dance Yourself Clean create a brightly coloured dance floor atmosphere with their debut single “Waste My Time” featuring The Fame Riot. Since 2016, the band have had their own record label Lights & Music Collective. They’ve produced music for other artists and are now doing the same but under their own name. Fitting perfectly on anyone’s party playlist, the dance anthem will make you grin from cheek to cheek.

As a musical melody, the song feels very similar to Charli XCX’s track “1999”, saying that “Waste My Time” shimmers it’s own originality throughout. Detailing the story of a relationship gone bad, the track takes us through what it feels like to come to terms of letting go of something you never thought you would. Filled with an electronic soundscape and vocals arranged perfectly in the mix, I’m looking forward to hearing where the band’s sound develops too. 

Score: 3/5


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