IRIS – Wait (Review)

Previously featured artist on MoggBlog, IRIS is back with the infectious “Wait”. After the huge success of her first single “Crazy”, IRIS visits a love song for the summer ahead. Still channelling her pop essence, the New Jersey artist pens her songwriting with a rollercoaster of emotions. At MoggBlog, we already know that IRIS is one to watch, but “Wait” just proves that the songwriter gets better and better.

Indicating a break up, “Wait” tells us the truth of fighting for a relationship that’s completely gone sour. Featuring the frustration of what it feels like, the intense relationship within the number seems one sided concluding that the relationship can’t be saved. As a strong pop number, the track features a wonderful rhythm vocal line, alongside a warm comforting production. The video features a vintage feel to what Iris is truly wanting. Musically, it sticks to an acoustic feel through a sepia tone. Another beautifully crafted number from this songbird. 

Score: 3.5/5


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