JOG – Driftwood (Review)

Released Friday 10th May via Sun Turtle Records, please welcome Gerald James aka JOG. Here with his debut EP ‘Driftwood’, the four track EP was recorded straight to tape by David McAulay (Mogwai, King Creosote), and mastered by Joseph Carra (King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard). From just saying those names in the same sentence, I bet you’re thinking this is going to a trippy journey? You’re absolutely correct. 

Title track “Driftwood” has an offbeat feel to it, not necessarily rhythmical, more sassy like. With an indie based rock groove, it sets the EP up to be a big liking for fans of Tame Impala and even King Giz fans. “Yesterday’s Mallet” glistens more brightly than Driftwood. Showcasing Gerald’s vocals, it’s a completely different approach to the first track. I can even heard influences of Nirvana and Elliott Smith buried in the bones of this track.

“I Won’t Look” features a shoegazed guitar progression with a lazy approach. It’s a lot softer but holds a strong gaze into the eyes of the tune. To end the astonishing debut EP is the funk track “Karbon Kopy”. Collaborating with Annabel on lead vocals, it’s a modern take on an upbeat disco arrangement. Once again, we hear JOG being very versatile with his music genre. A wonderful introduction to an artist that will be stuck on my playlist for a while. 

Score: 7/10

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